Weekly Maintenance


Full weekly service is the go-to for most pool owners. It includes all the maintenance needed to keep your pool looking its best while remaining cost-effective. We understand the effort taken by you as the homeowner to build and maintain a safe, peaceful backyard environment. You won't find never-the-same-day service here, and having a different service tech on your property each week is not an option. Great care and attention to detail are reflected in all included services, which are:

  • Clear pool of surface debris

  • Clean tile as needed

  • Vacuum floor as needed

  • Brush pool walls weekly

  • Empty all baskets and traps weekly or as needed

  • Full chemical test and balance weekly

  • Inspect and monitor equipment weekly

  • Inspect automatic cleaner (if equipped) as needed

  • Clean salt cell (if equipped) as needed

Starting at $145 per month
This price includes chemicals 



Lance's Pool Service is fully equipped to tackle that repair you've been meaning to get fixed, from repairing leaky plumbing to installing and upgrading your pool equipment. We also offer energy audits to make sure you're not spending more on your monthly electric bills than necessary. Call today to schedule a free repair quote, and remember that saving water and retaining the health of your pool is essential.

Green to Clean/Clean Up


We're ready to get your pool back up and running, whatever it takes. Regular updates, no hidden charges, and most importantly, green to clean as soon as possible. Discount available with a monthly service agreement.

Filter Cleanings


Filtration is one of the three major components necessary for proper pool care. From giving that old sand filter a detergent cleanse to a full D.E. filter tear-down and recharge, leave it to the experts to keep your pump running efficiently and your water clear. Cleanings are typically $95, and if your pool is under professional care it shouldn't need more than 1 or 2 cleanings a year (with the exception of single-cartridge filters).